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DENAIR high pressure screw air compressor

With the demand for energy saving and sustainable development, more and more factories prefer to choose energy saving type compressor for their production lines.

DENAIR High Pressure Air Compressor

Therefore, I’d like to introduce DENAIR new product high pressure screw air compressor which is used for replacing the high pressure piston compressor because of its superior quality, stable performance, long service life etc. As we know, piston compressor has too many maintenance parts to stable operation. High pressure screw compressor can effectively avoid that situation.

DENAIR high pressure screw compressor for PET bottles industry, the series compressor can be up to 40 bar high pressure, the series compressors always supply the high quality and clean compressed air. 

Multi-pressure is available for client’s choice, 16bar, 20bar, 25bar, 30bar, 35bar and 40 bar.

DENAIR high pressure screw air compressor adopts advanced imported components from German, USA, France like air end, we use double stage compression air end with vertical structure and advanced SAP profile design which can effectively improve the working efficiency of compressor and enable the long service life of compressor. High efficiency air filters and oil filters can save much maintenance cost, design life can be up to 4000 hours to 6000 hours. Schneider electrical components from France, ensuring the safety and reliability of compressor system.

DENAIR high pressure screw air compressor becomes a new choice for clients, therefore, if you have any trouble on high pressure piston compressor, the compressor will be a good option for you.

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