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Seven Techniques for the use of air receiver tank

Seven Techniques for the use of air receiver tank

Air receiver tank is compressed gas pressure vessel, in the compressed gas through the gasholder high-speed airflow convergence of hit the gas tank wall to make it happen, to lower the temperature quickly in the store jar, make liquefaction of the large amounts of water vapor, thereby removing large amounts of water and oil, relieve person of the big load, make the compressed air to the safety of the use workshop, the main buffer, cooling, in addition to water and energy storage, and other functions, is compressed gas generated an important equipment, so at the time of operation is important to note the following points.

Techniques for the use of air receiver tank

1.Use elbows as few as possible to avoid reducing pressure

2.The interface must be low and high, and the end of the air compressor must be low, its purpose is to reduce the water content in the gas.

3.Check that all protective devices and safety accessories are in good condition before starting

4.Regularly check and record the air tank, conduit joints and water pressure strength

5.Avoid sundries falling into cylinders and air tanks during inspection and repair

6.When the machine is in operation or the equipment is under pressure, any repair work shall not be carried out

7.The pressure gauge shall be tested and sealed every year and shall be well preserved.

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