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How does the air compressor system and nitrogen generator system work?

What we provide for you is a whole air compressor system and a nitrogen generator system. And the working process is listed below:

air compressor system and nitrogen generator system
air compressor system and nitrogen generator system
air compressor system and nitrogen generator system

I would like to simply introduce you DENAIR whole system.

Normally there are three basic factors of the Nitrogen System:

1.Nitrogen capacity (unit can be cfm, m3/min)

2.Nitrogen discharge pressure (unit can be bar/psi)

3.Nitrogen purity (from 95 to 99.999%)

Once the details above are confirmed, the compressor system will be provided as well.

The clean air discharged from the compressor then being stable in the air tank, later, the air dryer and air filter will dry and clean the air for further steps. The purified air will pass into the generator and stored in a nitrogen tank. For that, the discharged nitrogen pressure is normally 7.5-13 bar.

Consider that some customers required the high-pressure nitrogen which is mainly used for the fire extinguisher, cylinder filling applications. We will add one more special nitrogen booster to increase working pressure from 7 bar to high pressure such as 25 bar, 30 bar.

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