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Why oil-free is important to your food?

Automation/instrument: prevents jamming and contamination
Compressed air is used to control the valves and actuators in automated lines for filling, packaging and bottling. Oil in the air builds up and can jam the components, causing expensive line stoppages. In addition, the instruments continuously vent out the air, which if oily, contaminates the end products.

Why Oil-Free Is Important To Your Food?

Transportation: maintains powder purity
Compressed air is used to push food stuffs, such as powdered milk or cocoa powder, along pipes. Oil contaminant will mix with the powder and spoil the products.

Clean air: guarantees end product purity
Compressed air is used to clean bottles, packages and moulds prior to filling. Oil in the compressed air will contaminate the food containers and also alter the flavor of the end products, besides being a health hazard.

Air blowing/aeration: prevents losses due to impure air
Compressed air is pumped into a liquid to boost its oxygen content. This is used, for example, in pisciculture to oxygenate water in lower layers and/or oxidize the sediments. Oil contamination in the air will kill the fish and other fauna.

Fermentation: ensures healthy bacteria, no product contamination
Compressed air supplies oxygen to bacteria during fermentation to produce food ingredients such as citric acid. The presence of even small oil traces will affect bacterial activity and contaminate the end product.

Why Oil-Free Is Important To Your Food?

Food storage: avoid losses of stored foods
In the air separation process, compressed air is broken up into oxygen and nitrogen. The nitrogen is then used to preserve food in can, in larger storage facilities and in maritime transport. The air must be 100% oil-free as the nitrogen comes directly into contact with the food. Oil will also destroy the membranes in psa plants and these are expensive to replace.

Cooling and spraying: Clean air reduces product rejections
Compressed air is used to cool down baked goods after they emerge from the oven. Contamination of the air spoils the end product leading to rejections and production losses.

DENAIR compressors contributes to the safety of food industry. DENAIR dry type oil-free air compressors, water lubricated oil free air compressor and oil free scroll air compressor are the best choice to supply clean compressed air in food industry.

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